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AbracaDumbass: A Magician Who Can't Keep A Secret

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You don't need to be a magician to love this book. It was written with everyone in mind. If you love funny stories and getting a look at some magic secrets then this book is for you!


What's it really like to be a magician?
AbracaDumbass is a collection of hilarious and inspiring stories from Wes’s decade-long journey to become one of the most popular comedy magicians working today. Whether it’s card tricks for people at a sex club, private shows at a billionaire’s castle, behind the scenes at America’s Got Talent, or the devious secrets of making magic for TV, Wes holds nothing back. You'll also get lessons from a master magician on showmanship, deception, and the power of being bold as Wes explains how he creates magic tricks, makes viral videos, fooled Penn & Teller, and teaches tricks you can perform! 

AbracaDumbass is the real life story of an everyman who put effort and friendship ahead of talent and ego, working his way up from a humble beginning filling potholes to starring in his own TV show. From thrilling highs to humiliating and very funny lows, come along with Wes on a wild and ridiculous ride of honesty and oversharing from a magician at the top of his game.

Wes Barker is the most famous magician who will still answer your DMs. One of the stars of Big Trick Energy on truTV, Wes has hundreds of millions of views online, and has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, America’s Got Talent, MTV’s Greatest Party Stories Ever, and Ellen.